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martyn88 September 8, 2012 03:37

Appropriate LES cyclic mesh
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Hi foamers,

I am conducting a LES simulation of a supersonic turbulent round jet and have some questions concerning my mesh.

My domain is a converging-diverging nozzle protruding into the free-stream. I have reduced my domain to a 1/8th pipe and am using cyclic boundary conditions on the two side faces. However I have created my grid by sweeping a structured 2-D mesh through a wedge, which means that now at the centre-line I have a sharp point with very high aspect ratio cells.
How do I best deal with the mesh at the centreline? I have subdivided the domain so that I have used tet prisms close to the centre axis and matched them with quad cells used for everywhere else. The mesh is shown below:

Attachment 15625

Attachment 15626

Attachment 15627

Am I restricted in the cells I choose because I am running LES? Is what I have done reasonable?

Any help would be really appreciated.



martyn88 September 10, 2012 02:14

Could anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advance :)

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