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ic3wall September 13, 2012 11:33

ExtrudeMesh and autoPatch, need help!
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I used extrudeMesh to create a 3d mesh from the inlet patch of another mesh. It worked well, then I used autoPatch 90 to get 6 individuals patches, but the bottom patch is a complex geometry so the angle between it and a given wall is not 90deg (see attached pic). AutoPatch refuses to separate this wall from the bottom patch.

I tried to extract the faces of that wall using faceSet since I know the normal to this wall, but faceSet also gives me faces inside the mesh, and I don't want them. So I have no way to identify the faces of that wall in order to manually modify the boundary file of polyMesh.


ic3wall September 13, 2012 13:46

Problem Solved!
Problem solved!

I misinterpreted the feature angle used by autoPatch, it's calculated from the outside surface of the mesh!

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