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batta31 September 22, 2012 12:21

Salome & snappy
Hi to everyone,
I'm trying to generate a mesh with Salome (a 2D airfoil), exporting it as a .stl file and snapping it with a background mesh in order to reproduce a condition of external aerodynamics.
However, I'm failing in the use of snappyHexMesh utility; has anyone any suggestion about how to proceede, any guide to follow...?

Thanks in advance :)

colinB September 24, 2012 03:54

Dear Simone,

using salome and snappy for such a comparatively simple task is in my opinion
useless, unless you follow a specific plan where you want to use these two
A better suggestion is to use blockMesh which is sufficient for such a task
and it has been done by many before you.
For references see here:

If you use a different airfoil you can obtain offset data from various
source from the internet and then include them in the blockMesh

I hope the above is of assistance


batta31 September 24, 2012 05:09

Dear ColinB
I thank you very much for your answer; moreover I've seen that you have already helped people with my similar problem so I think I could find out which is my problem with your help. I'll follow your advices as soon as I can, what I would want to know is now the syntax of the polyLine command, (and the other similar ones) which are not suitably described in the UserGuide. I would also want to tell you (since I've seen that you have already discussed about it) if, according to you, it's better to have a rectangular domain or a semicircular domain in front of the airfoil. I can tell you that my simulation will involve a flow over an aifoil in positive/negative incidence.

Thank you very much again for your answer.

colinB September 25, 2012 02:44

Dear Simone,

regarding the syntax of the various commands mentioned in that thread
I suggest you to read the various blockMeshDict files which are attached
to that thread.

regarding the domain shape, it is better to use a semi-circular shape
in order to meet all the mesh quality requirements.
However be aware that the files I uploaded are probably square shaped
(as far as I remember), for I was calculating 2-phase cases and therefore I
used an other mesh arrangement.


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