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MultiphaseFlowsLab September 27, 2012 12:30

Fluent to OpenFoam Mesh converting
I'm trying to convert fluent 3D mesh to OF, and I'm using fluent3DMeshToFOAM command(which I used it for my previous mesh converting) but I face following error:

--> FOAM Warning : Found unknown block of type: "3010"
on line 14

Do not understand characters:
on line 15

From function fluentMeshToFoam::lexer
in file fluent3DMeshToFoam.L at line 748.

FOAM exiting

could you please help me?

Prosiaczek September 28, 2012 14:32

Have you tried dos2unix_ first?

MultiphaseFlowsLab September 28, 2012 14:33

No, what is that?

MultiphaseFlowsLab September 28, 2012 14:35

I converted other meshed geometries from Ansys workbench to OF. they are fine, and I did the same for new file, but it did not work.

supercolli May 8, 2013 06:47

I've got exactly the same problem. Did you solved it?
I also tried dos2unix on the .msh file but it returns:
dos2unix: Skipping binary file FFF.1.msh

Any suggestion on the source of the conversion error?

theHumbleOne May 20, 2014 05:04

It seems to me that your .msh file is written as a binary, not ASCII file.
While saving/exporting you should probably uncheck "write binary files" option or change preferences somewhere else (e.g. in Tools in Ansys Mesher).

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