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electron November 14, 2012 10:49

conversion of a virtual face (made by gambit) to foam possible?
hey everyone.

i want to convert a backgroundmesh, built with gambit, to foam.

the peculiar thing is, i want to add some virtual faces in gambit, within the background, to set boundary conditions.
i experienced, that it is possible, to set up boundary conditions for faces of the background in gambit, converting them to foam, run foamTools (i want to use SnappyHexMesh for example), convert them back to fluent and run some simulations with ANSYS fluent13.

so, now i thought, it might be possible, to create some virtual faces, within the background, not connected to any of the backgroundwalls.

in the final simulation, this should match a velocity inlet.

i tested the matter with a very simple block geometry, including a virtual face, not intersecting with any of the background exterior walls.

but i receive an error, using the fluentMeshToFoam command, saying as follows:


Problem : cannot find a single face in the mesh which uses vertices 3(39 0 40)

From function findFace(const primitiveMesh&, const face&)
in file fluentMeshToFoam.L at line 855.
i am not sure, weather this is a problem related to the matter, or caused by any other errors within the mesh. has anybody tried similar things yet?
is such a thing even possible?

thanks & best regards,

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