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Dazzler November 27, 2012 04:14

Hi All,

I am trying to model a simple open valve chamber with two incoming pipes, i am using interfoam and have had some success with preliminary models. However, the time to complete is horrendous and i am trying to simplify the model by using a coarser mesh with the internal parts of the delivery pipes simulated as internal patches rather than walls.

I have created the model and the mesh in Salome 6.5.0.

The problem is with ideasUnvToFoam when i carry out the conversion to openFoam and i get the following message:-

Create time

Processing tag:164
Starting reading units at line 3.
units:" SI: Meter (newton)"
Unit factors:
Length scale : 1
Force scale : 1
Temperature scale : 1
Temperature offset : 273.15

Processing tag:2420
Skipping tag 2420 on line 9
Skipping section at line 9.

Processing tag:2411
Starting reading points at line 20.
Read 8044 points.

Processing tag:2412
Starting reading cells at line 16111.
First occurrence of element type 11 for cell 1 at line 16112
First occurrence of element type 41 for cell 553 at line 17768
First occurrence of element type 111 for cell 7843 at line 32348
Read 37247 cells and 7290 boundary faces.

Processing tag:2467
Starting reading patches at line 106844.
For group 1 named atmosphere trying to read 666 patch face indices.
For group 2 named outlet trying to read 38 patch face indices.
For group 3 named inletRight trying to read 27 patch face indices.
For group 4 named inletLeft trying to read 27 patch face indices.
For group 5 named innerPipes trying to read 628 patch face indices.
For group 6 named outerWalls trying to read 5904 patch face indices.

Of 7290 so-called boundary faces 628 belong to two cells and are therefore internal
Sorting boundary faces according to group (patch)
0: atmosphere is patch
1: outlet is patch
2: inletRight is patch
3: inletLeft is patch
4: innerPipes is faceZone
5: outerWalls is patch

Constructing mesh with non-default patches of size:
atmosphere 666
outlet 38
inletRight 27
inletLeft 27
outerWalls 5904

Adding cell and face zones
Face Zone innerPipes 628
ideasUnvToFoam: ideasUnvToFoam.C:1269: int main(int, char**): Assertion `noveau > -1' failed.

The converter is failing on the right face zones element - does anyone know how to solve this ? I'm willing to alter the code for ideasUnvToFoam but ive no idea where to get my hands on a specification for the two file formats IdeasUNV and openFoam. In particular since my conversion software won't successfully convert anything with a cell zone ive no ides what the cellzone file should look like.

Has anyone solved this problem ? Can anyone point me to a specification for the IdeasUnv and OpenFoam file formats ?:confused::confused:

Thanks for any help you lot can offer..

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