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turbfoam December 21, 2012 23:19

Mesh Editing OpenFOAM?
Hi, I have an existing fine mesh which I want to make very coarse.
The mesh is not generated by me, so I have the mesh only as a plot3d file which I converted to openFOAM using plot3dToFoam....Hence no blockmeshDict file to change mesh density easily.

Any mesh utility in OpenFOAM to do this? Can anyone please point me towards any reference/tutorial for that? if not OpenFOAM what other software you suggest.

thank for your help very much....


wyldckat December 26, 2012 17:58

Hi J.T.,

I did see this thread the other day, and I saw just now your request on the other thread about "peturbU".
The short answer is, AFAIK: there is no such generic mesh application that "unrefines" meshes. At least not in OpenFOAM.

But there are some possibilities in OpenFOAM that can come close, depending on the mesh you've got:
  • polyDualMesh will construct a new mesh based on a tetrahedral mesh:
  • OpenFOAM relies on an octree refinement scheme of hex meshes, which allows it to regress back a refinement it has done before. This is done auto-magically for dynamic meshes, but I have yet to see it being used for coarsening a mesh.
    In theory, you could run the application refinementLevel for calculating the possible refinement level that was used in the mesh, but only in cartesian meshes. After that... I have no clue.
About the octree feature... I this was discussed in this thread:

edit: for future reference, the following threads are on the same subject:

Best regards,

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