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ADGlassby January 23, 2013 06:33

Modelling a quarter turn block valve
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OK here goes.... I have a small amount of time on OpenFoam and I have attended the Foundation Course this January in London so I have some structured knowledge of the OpenFOAM library. The problem is I have a model in mind that really requires me to do some moving mesh work and I'm not really sure where to start.

I have a basic model that works, thanks to the instructor in London!, where we have ramped the inlet pressure into a piped system containing a restriction orifice. This shows that the basics of the model run ok but the full model has a quarter turn ball valve on the inlet to the orifice. I have attached a picture of the domain.

The intention of this model is to show that with the operating conditions, which cause a very large pressure drop across the valve (when closed) and the orifice, the valve opening time dominates the development of shocks downstream of the restriction orifice.

So the big question is HOW can I set up the model such that I have a section of the channel at 90 degrees to the flow path at time zero and then rotates through 90 degrees (ie the valve opens) to line up with the rest of the channel?

I forgot to say that I'm modelling in 2D and I'm proposing to use pimpleFOAM until the model reaches sonic and then sonicFoam from there on. (if that makes sense!)

I think I can see in my mind's eye what I want to do but I'm just at a loss as to where the starting point is!

Would greatly appreciate anyone's guidance on this matter

Best Regards

wyldckat January 27, 2013 18:45

Greetings Andrew,

This might be a good example for you to get some ideas:

Best regards,

ADGlassby January 28, 2013 15:45

Hi wyldckat,

Thanks for the link, I'll follow this up and see if it helps me out. I was beginning to develop a train of thought along the lines of the wing motion example in the incompressible tutorials but I think this might be a closer starting point.

Thanks again


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