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Steven Chew March 10, 2013 04:08

Coflow in cylindrical annular and core
Hi all,

As mentioned in the title, I am looking to solve a coflow along a cylinder, with two different fluids in the annulus and the core respectively. The fluids are separated by a thin wall in between and I need to solve for the heat exchange between the fluids.

Coming from external flows background, I am not really sure how to approach this problem in OpenFOAM. My hunch is as such:

1. create 2 rectangular domains and have them transformed into cylindrical coordinates, mapping the inner wall boundary as the common interface

2. specify some thin wall treatment for that common interface boundary.

I have been searching online using keywords like coflow, annular, core, openfoam, cylindrical, but have not been successful in finding cases that are similar to my problem. Would appreciate if I can get some help from here.


Steven Chew March 12, 2013 09:09


Would really appreciate if someone can provide some clues.

Does OpenFOAM enable solving the governing equations on transformed coordinates in the first place?

Or will I really need to create a cylindrical domain using blockMesh, one centre tube with 4 side arc blocks? I have seen this mesh being used before for cylinder channel flow, but I thought it would be more elegant to use transformation and the boundary conditions might be more direct.

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