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Meinan March 23, 2013 16:02

Mesh Conversion+sets+MakeCellSets+chtMultiRegionFOam
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Hi dear all:

I have been confused about a problem for several days: I generated the mesh of an elbow in ICEM, the cylinder part is solid, and the rest part is fluid, now I have converted my mesh in OpenFOAM using fluent3DMeshToFoam commad, after that I see there is a new folder in the polyMesh folder called sets, and there are two files in it, one is nonClosedCells, the other one is nonOthoFaces. Could anyone please tell me what are these two files? Does them stand for my solid region and fluid region? At the same time, I want to define my solid region and fluid region in MakeCellSets file, but the problem is that, my solid region-the cylinder is an irregular cylinder, I don't know how to define it in MakeCellSets. Is there any special command I can use to define this irregular region?

Thanks!!! I really really need your help! I have been stuck to here for a long time,,,,it makes me frustrated~~ does anyone can give me a hand??I am really thankful~


Meinan March 23, 2013 16:58

I came up with an idea!
How about this, I still use this command:cylinderToCell (P1X P1Y P1Z) (P2X P2Y P2Z) RADIUS, and I extend my solid cylinder region in MakeCellSets, will the extended part also be calculated?
Can anyone understand what I am talking about??

Anyway thanks!!!

ageorg July 1, 2014 06:00

Dear Meinan

I have the same problem even with a more complicated geometry consisting of different fluid and solid parts. It my first time that i am using a multi region solver and I do not know the steps that i need to follow to convert the mesh in OF format. Is it the same with single region domains, do I have to extract different .msh files and run the dos2unix and fluid3DMeshToFoam commands in each msh file? Please let me know if you had any success with your case.

Thank you very much in advance!


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