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rohit3051 April 2, 2013 18:20 file
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I have found an open source for simulating air flow in an air condition room, but I cannot understand how the mesh is created here. I could find file in there, but was not able to decipher what it is doing exactly. Can anyone help me understand how does this code work.

Also I have a blockMeshDict file for my model for which I need to make changes so that it functions like the example problem. How can I collaborate these two.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

JR22 April 2, 2013 19:09

Did you get that file from the air conditioning tutorial within ?

If so, there is a bit more information here:

This is a short paper from the same author (Masashi Imano). It does not answer your question, but explains things from a higher level. The paper should have been presented at the Penn State OpenFoam meeting.

Slides by Keigo Nomura as well:

Were you successful running the case?

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