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bhups45 May 17, 2013 00:38

Oscillating cylinder in openFoam
Hello foamers,
I have started working with the dynamic meshing in openFoam recently and i am unable to understand the various fields in pimpleDyMFOAM solver.
Can anyone please help me out with the problem of oscillating cylinder using openFoam?:confused:
Thanx in advance.

fredo490 May 22, 2013 10:22

Here is what I understood from the mesh morphing in Openfoam:

To move the mesh, openfoam uses a variable called "pointField". This is the vector from the original place of each node and the current position of the corresponding node.

Your solver only moves the nodes of the patch (a wall for example). Then all the domain is moved via another solver. How the domain moves is controled by the dynamicMeshDict file in Constant. Different techniques can "send" the deformation in the domain more or less deeply.

There are many algorithm to move the patchs. You have some where you give the position for each time step (the vector distance). Some other you give the speed at which the patch moves (the velocity vector).

Some special wall boundary can move the wall according to a function (a sinus for example, or a translation).

There are some other algorithm where the solver is able to add or remove layers. For example in a translating piston, the solver extend the cells until a certain point where the cells are split to avoid very large cells (or gather the cells if compressed).

I agree with you, Openfoam documentation for mesh morphing is really really really bad !

meth August 7, 2015 00:45

Thank you very much.

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