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ADGlassby June 14, 2013 05:07

Moving Mesh with no gaps
I've been working on a model using AMI to achieve a moving mesh. This seems to be working now, ie the mesh moves, which is great. The problem I am facing now is that the model I put together was just a quickie example to get to know how to use AMI etc. the actual model requires that the moving wall slides, physically touching, over the static wall. I am trying to model a quarter turn ball valve which means that in the closed position the valve must hold back the upstream fluid.

When I try to create the mesh for this model I now find that I cannot approach the AMI interface patches close enough for the leakage to be insignificant. I am meshing the moving and static geometries separately end then merging them. This gives me the best looking mesh in 2D. I'm finding that for an external facing AMI patch (on the moving zone) I can get to about 0.3 units, but with an internally facing patch (static) I can only get to about 0.5 units. When I convert to mm scale this obviously gives about 0.8mm gap around the valve.... no use!

Is there any way to physically slide two walls over each other, effectively in contact with each other? IS there something in the AMI approach I am missing?

All the AMI models in the tutorials are essentially stator/rotor models which have spaces between the rotor or stator and the AMI interface patches.

Hope someone can shed some light here.

Best regards

nash August 22, 2013 05:57

go through this thread. it really helps me to have a better understanding of AMI

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