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hfs July 3, 2013 08:52

Internal Zero-thick curved plate: correcting faces orientation
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Hello Foamers!

My target is to estimate wind pressure on a curved plate (Attached: "Geo.png"). I am interested in pressure distribution on both sides (facing/nonfacing the wind).

The approach I used to prepare the mesh is by using snappyHexMesh, in which it creates a faceZone out of the STL file, then applying createBaffles command to have 2 patches that have the same faces of the faceZone with inverted orientation.

The problem is: each patch has a mix of faces that facing or not facing the wind direction (This can be demonstrated by plotting pressure distribution on one patch as shown in the attached pics "p.png", "p_with_slice.png")... i.e. I need to correct faces' normals such that: each patch should have all of its faces facing one direction.

How can we orient or flip faces' normals? .. can this be done before/after meshing?

Thank you very much for your time and advice.

PS: This problem did not arise when we tried this procedure for a plane plate (not curved) (Please see attached pressure diagrams: "Plane_Plate.frontPatch", "Plane_Plate.backPatch")

ripudaman September 13, 2013 12:46

I am very interested in the problem you are trying to solve. I wish to see the plane surface as two boundaries as well. I am trying to apply this to create a static hydraulic fracture.

Can you please send me the files and the procedure you used to create the rectangular plate case that worked?
Did you use SHM?

Eventually I would like to be able to figure out a solution to the curved boundary issue that you are facing. But I think the plate boundary will be a good starting point for me.

Thanks in advance!

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