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Lancester August 19, 2013 02:07

Problems during import of fluent mesh

I'm new in the world of OpenFoam. I simulate with Ansys CFX and Fluent before. I calculate turbomachinerys.

Now, I want to import a mesh from fluent to OpenFoam. All worked fine. But when I checked the Mesh the following error-message turn up:

// * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * //
Create time

Create polyMesh for time = 0

Time = 0

Mesh stats
points: 1928789
internal points: 1694027
faces: 16609221
internal faces: 16148136
cells: 7808059
faces per cell: 4.19533
boundary patches: 13
point zones: 0
face zones: 3
cell zones: 3

Overall number of cells of each type:
hexahedra: 0
prisms: 1521519
wedges: 0
pyramids: 3602
tet wedges: 0
tetrahedra: 6282938
polyhedra: 0

Checking topology...
****Problem with boundary patch 0 named inlet of type patch. The patch should start on face no 16148136 and the patch specifies 16608933.
Possibly consecutive patches have this same problem. Suppressing future warnings.
***Boundary definition is in error.
Cell to face addressing OK.
Point usage OK.
Upper triangular ordering OK.
Face vertices OK.
*Number of regions: 3
The mesh has multiple regions which are not connected by any face.
<<Writing region information to "0/cellToRegion"

Checking patch topology for multiply connected surfaces...
Patch Faces Points Surface topology
inlet 230 206 ok (non-closed singly connected)
outlet 58 41 ok (non-closed singly connected)
wall-zusammenbau.ipt-laufrad253364 127485 ok (non-closed singly connected)
wall-zusammenbau.ipt-zustroemung51769 25927 ok (non-closed singly connected)
wall-zusammenbau.ipt-spiralgehaeuse16666 9629 ok (non-closed singly connected)
wall_stat_rot-zusammenbau.ipt-spiralgehaeuse15883 8239 ok (non-closed singly connected)
wall_stat_rot-zusammenbau.ipt-zustroemung54260 27289 ok (non-closed singly connected)
iface_inlet_rotor_r 5801 3734 ok (non-closed singly connected)
iface_outlet_rotor_r26251 16303 ok (non-closed singly connected)
iface_inlet_rotor_zu4478 3017 ok (non-closed singly connected)
iface_spirale_zustroemung_zu802 743 ok (non-closed singly connected)
iface_spirale_zustroemung_sp7718 4212 ok (non-closed singly connected)
iface_outlet_rotor_sp23805 12538 ok (non-closed singly connected)

Checking geometry...
Overall domain bounding box (-0.046 -0.841397 -0.99) (2.019 2.63 0.722329)
Mesh (non-empty, non-wedge) directions (1 1 1)
Mesh (non-empty) directions (1 1 1)
Boundary openness (8.78283e-16 1.25826e-16 7.37172e-18) OK.
Max cell openness = 6.40899e-16 OK.
Max aspect ratio = 22.1214 OK.
Minimum face area = 2.47887e-09. Maximum face area = 0.00689013. Face area magnitudes OK.
Min volume = 7.05732e-13. Max volume = 0.00015816. Total volume = 1.32234. Cell volumes OK.
Mesh non-orthogonality Max: 79.1261 average: 17.6258
*Number of severely non-orthogonal faces: 195.
Non-orthogonality check OK.
<<Writing 195 non-orthogonal faces to set nonOrthoFaces
Face pyramids OK.
***Max skewness = 5.42954, 24 highly skew faces detected which may impair the quality of the results
<<Writing 24 skew faces to set skewFaces
Coupled point location match (average 0) OK.

Failed 1 mesh checks.


What could be a reason? When I run my case with k-epsilon it doesn't work. After 5 timesteps the timestep continuty error is verhy high. But when I try without turbulence model it would be better....

Thanks in advance.

Lancester August 19, 2013 05:11

Is it possible, that the problem is because of using different mesh-regions? I use 3 regions. Maybe it doens't worked with multiple regions. So I try to import the regions seperate and then I merge them together?

zhengzh5 October 4, 2013 12:44


Originally Posted by Lancester (Post 446581)
Is it possible, that the problem is because of using different mesh-regions? I use 3 regions. Maybe it doens't worked with multiple regions. So I try to import the regions seperate and then I merge them together?

you can import multiple regions in OpenFOAM, but the log says these regions are not connected....what are you trying to do? do you have interactions between solid and fluid? I'm just to figure out why you have multiple regions to start with.

Nevertheless, in OpenFOAM, when you have multiple regions, you have to use the utility splitMeshRegion to split the mesh into subMeshes and have a 0, constant and system directory for each of the region. Check out chtMultiRegionFoam in the heatTransfer directory for ideas regarding how to set up multi-region simulations in OpenFOAM.



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