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m5m5kh August 20, 2013 10:51

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Hi dear friends

I have some problems with my case.I want to model a furnace as a porous medium with constant porosity of 0.5,so I modeled my case with Gambit and import it to OF using "fluent3dtofoam".then, I decided to modify my porous domain so I used "setSet"
I did these things in terminal
1. I define "porous.setSet" file and box (min X min Y min Z)(max X max Y max Z).

2. setSet -batch porous.setSet

3. setsToZones

4. finally I used my solver "myPorousSimpleFoam"

but it seems something is wrong with my simulation.I also don't know how to set porosity equal to 0.5 in "porosityproperties" file in constant folder.I'm not sure I set "e1" and "e2" properly.I look forward for your useful replies.

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