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pbachant September 17, 2013 13:34

Velocity "ripples" at AMI
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I'm getting what looks like ripples at the AMI in my 2D mesh after using snappyHexMesh. The meshing dicts are based on those by another forum member Boloar. When I mesh that case, there is no rippling, but when I insert my own geometry (including a smaller cylinder as the AMI surface), I get these ripples. I have meshed with many different refinement levels, iteration numbers, etc., but still the same. Anyone have an idea on what parameter would cause these ripples?

Artur October 18, 2013 05:56

I have seen this in my cases as well. I think it arises due to interpolation errors at the AMI interface. I am not sure, however, if it's a problem with the AMI itself or perhaps the way paraview visualises the data?

pbachant October 18, 2013 13:52

Yeah, I think it's just ParaView's interpolation. If you turn interpolation off and use cell values it looks uniform.

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