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cfdonline2mohsen October 5, 2013 10:26

createBaffles for fluent3DMeshToFoam
Dear Foamers

I want to define an interior plane inside my domain for my inlet boundary condition (for using mappedVelocityFlux B.C. we need an interior patch). I searched the whole forums and found that there is no such a concept in OpenFOAM. one way is to create a cyclic baffle (createBaffles).
I've also studied all the posts regarding createBaffles and also all the tutorials in openFoam:

find $FOAM_TUTORIALS -name Allrun | xargs grep -sl createBaffles
which are:


in order to use the createBaffles utility we need to define 2 cyclic patches and a faceZone to use the following command:

createBaffles [OPTIONS] <faceZone> <(masterPatch slavePatch)>
All the tutorials use blockMeshDict and topoSetDict for this purpose.
But I generated my mesh in Gambit so I can not define the required boxes that are needed by topoSetDict.
I defined an interior plane in Gambit. then export it to OpenFOAM using fluent3DMeshToFoam. the interior plane converted to faceZone automatically. so I have a faceZone that is needed for createBaffles. I also need 2 cyclic patches too. I added them manually into my boundary

type cyclic;
nFaces 0;
startFace ???;

I don't know how to set startFace?
is there any simpler method for creating a cyclic baffle using Gambit?
can this cyclic baffle be created in Gambit and then be exported to OpenFOAM?

Any help will be appreciated.

cfdonline2mohsen October 6, 2013 12:50

I've found that if we manually add two cyclic patches with nFaces=0 into the boundary of polyMesh just like in TJunctionFan:(a cyclic baffle for fan b.c.)

        type            cyclic;
        nFaces          0;
        startFace      10125;
        matchTolerance  0.0001;
        neighbourPatch  fan_half1;
        type            cyclic;
        nFaces          0;
        startFace      10125;
        matchTolerance  0.0001;
        neighbourPatch  fan_half0;

It will also require blockMesh so that these two new patches can be recognoized by OpenFOAM.
I meshed my Geometry in Gambit so I don't have a blockMeshDict.

If I only add the above lines into my boundary without blockMesh , The CheckMesh Gives Error:confused::confused:
What can I do??

BlnPhoenix August 14, 2015 05:02


i am faceing a similar problem at the moment! Did u find a solution to this?

Or to other users, can u give a hint. I imported an external mesh and want to create baffles from faces. How can one do that? thx!!

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