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Zarchias December 24, 2013 12:25

Strange results after using refineMesh on radial 2D-Mesh
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Hello cfd-online,

I've been using refineMesh to refine a radial mesh (two concentric cirkels with cells radially extending in between) created in ICEM using an O-grid. The results are satisfactory, except when the cells are angled at approximately 45 degrees (and again at 135, 225 and 315).
At these angles refineMesh returns this strange division of instead of dividing it allong the edges it just divides it horizontally/vertically.

Attachment 27549

Something I've noticed is that this angle is right in the middle between my two global directions I've put in refineMeshDict. Upon changing these directions to a different orthogonal set, the strange behaviour shifts to a new position.

The settings in refineMeshDict are the following:

set c0;
coordinateSystem global;

tan1 (1 0 0);
tan2 (0 1 0);

patch outside; // Normal direction is facenormal of zero'th face of patch
tan1 (1 0 0);


useHexTopology true;
geometricCut false;
writeMesh false;

Has any of you encountered this before? And if so, how did you deal with it?

Thanks in advance!


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