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Sujatha January 8, 2014 12:14

Hi all,
I am a newbie to OpenFOAM and Snappyhexmesh, I have read most of the threads regarding SHM in the forum, but I couldn't make out of that.
I wanted to create a semicircular cut in a square mesh. I made a '.stl file' in Autocad and placed it in the 'triSurface'. Tried to execute the blockmesh and shm, but I could see only the blockmesh generated square in paraview finally.
Can any one plesse suggest me the steps to work with SHM to make such a geometry. Am I doing some blunders?
Any hint will be a privilege .

Thanks in advance

nimasam January 9, 2014 11:10

did you call the stl file in snappyHexMesh at all?

There are lots of stuff about snappyHexMesh in Internet, so just google it ;)

Sujatha January 9, 2014 14:14

Thanks a million "nimasam", for your response.
I got something now, even though there are some errors while modelling, I am getting the geometry now.
For sure I will search the web and will read more on that.
Thanks again for your effort.

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