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mukut June 2, 2014 07:19

Flow domain by BLOCKMESH for plasma induced flow simulation
I am trying to simulate plasma induced flow based on suzen model . I already simulated the flow using PHOENICS by CHAM UK. The flow domain is as follows:

Now I am trying to simulate this using openfoam. I have posted regarding this few months ago in this forum and suggested to use multi regionFOAM for such solid-air domain. Then I have modified the multi region heater tutorical case as follows:

Here dielectric material is Kapton and electrodes are cupper. How can I define the material?

In my previous simulation using Phoenics, it found that both side plasma induced identical flow structure so now I think it should be reduced to as follows:

Is it possible to make such geometry consist of solid-air domain by simple blockmesh? Or using muti region by toposet is okey?

I have tried to make above flow domain by blockMESH but don't understand how to define the face of colored region. Here brown color represent electrodes and faded red color indicates dielectric material. I have chosen the left face of block1,4,7,13 are inlet, right face of block 3,6,9,12, 15 are outlet. top and bottom are as top and bottom wall respectively. and front & back are as usual empty. But how can I define color region?

Thanks in advance.

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