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gsq April 21, 2018 07:03

snappyHexMesh .stl generate extra boundary
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Hi everyone!
I found a tutorial ( by Tobias Holzmann. It runs well with its own stl file regionSTL.stl, but when I change it to my stl, snappyHexMesh will generate an extra boundary, defaultFaces, in polyMesh/boundary.
I tried some methods to generate the stl, including adding solid back... end solid in a stl directly, generating five stls from salome Geometry or Mesh and merging them to one. Searched in this forums, I suspect it is because the stl is not closed. After using surfaceCheck, I found it is unclosed. So I used surfaceMeshTriangulate to it. SurfaceMeshTriangulate changed region 'front' to defaultFaces. Even if I changed it back, snappyHexMesh still generated defaultFaces.
The stl and step I used are attached.
Could someone tell me what I should do to generate the stl correctly?
Best regards and thanks in advance

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