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grokkingStuff September 13, 2018 16:21

Created a python package for generating blockMeshDict
I've always hated writing blockMesh dictionaries manually or with m4 so I made a python package for it!
It's called pyblockmesh and it's up (like 10 minutes ago when this was posted)

Still very much in alpha stage and lots of progress to be made but it has basic functionality.

I'd love feedback, whether it's suggestions or pull requests. Thanks!

Github Link:

rcastilla December 4, 2018 05:36

Hi, Vi,
It is good that you had this initiative. Actually, I use to use another similar package, which is being in development since 4 years ago. Maybe you can take a look at
Best regards

pconen March 31, 2020 06:09

Dear Foamers,

I just tried out this nice tool, but it does not work for me. There was some trouble in syntax for newer Python versions. So I worked out a version that workes for Python 2.7.10 and Python 3.8. You can try out under:

I hope this would help someone.

bjnieuwboer November 5, 2020 07:55

update of ofblockmeshdicthelper
Hi All,

I came across this website of Nolan Dyck:

He extended the ofblockmeshdicthelper. It can be pulled from his github:

At first glance, I think he added support for meshing cylinders/cones and tubes. I think this is a really nice development in creating blockmeshes.

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