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gabrielmsa October 30, 2018 12:11

Curved lines appearing on mesh with snappyHexMesh
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I have been trying to get rid of the curved lines shown on the picture. The version of OpenFOAM used is 3.0.x. I used a .stl file, then ran snappyHexMesh with only the castellatedMesh control set to true. The mesh was good, so I went to the next step, which was setting the snap control switch set to true. However, after the snappyHexMesh finished the run, I noticed some curved lines on the mesh. I searched information about this but I just couldn't find any. Perhaps I'm using the wrong words, since I'm new to CFD and english is not my native language. Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!


    //- Number of patch smoothing iterations before finding correspondence
    //  to surface
    nSmoothPatch 3;

    //- Relative distance for points to be attracted by surface feature point
    //  or edge. True distance is this factor times local
    //  maximum edge length.
    tolerance 1.0;
    //- Number of mesh displacement relaxation iterations.
    nSolveIter 300;

    //- Maximum number of snapping relaxation iterations. Should stop
    //  before upon reaching a correct mesh.
    nRelaxIter 5;

    // Feature snapping

        //- Number of feature edge snapping iterations.
        //  Leave out altogether to disable.
        nFeatureSnapIter 10;

        //- Detect (geometric) features by sampling the surface
        implicitFeatureSnap true;

        //- Use castellatedMeshControls::features
        explicitFeatureSnap true;

        //- Detect features between multiple surfaces
        //  (only for explicitFeatureSnap, default = false)
        multiRegionFeatureSnap true;

Kind regards

akidess October 31, 2018 03:17

No clue what you are referring to.

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