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Pazifikus January 9, 2019 04:18

defaultFaces in gmsh
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Hello everybody,

Im trying to simulate the flow in a medium complex geometry for a university project. As I find gmsh pretty comfortable to use for repetitive tasks, I used a few loops to produce the attached geometry. The mesh generation in gmsh works without any problems, but when I try to import it to OpenFoam, I got a few different errors. The latest error is concerning the default faces. As far as I know, this error usually arises when surfaces are not declared as physical properties. But as far as I can see, this is not the case in my geometry. See the .geo file attached.

In the geometry, there is an inlet, the flow gets then distributed to multiple windtunnels and recombines at the outlet. I removed the Volumes for each windtunnel which I got after extruding and declared one single Surface Loop instead, to only have one Physical Volume. This is because the approach to have several Physical Volumes didn't work out as well.
I also inspected the geometry after meshing with foamToVTK, see the screenshot attached. As you can see, only a part of the desired walls get declared correctly, the rest is added to the default faces.

Id be happy about any suggestions on how to properly mesh this geometry.

Thanks in advance :)

Cheers, Pascal

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