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VarunG June 25, 2019 07:45

Editing blockMeshdict in IBM tutorials
I edited the blockMeshDIct of Pitching plate tutorial in Immersed Boundary Method of Foam Extend 4.0 by changing the number of cells. But after editing I am not able to run this tutorial due to the following error

Can't find nearest triSurface point for cell 124410, (0.000214286 -0.00225 0.0005). Hit data = 0 (6.95328e-310 6.92949e-310 2.78653e-321) -1

From function immersedBoundaryFvPatch::makeIbPointsAndNormals() const
in file immersedBoundaryFvPatch/immersedBoundaryFvPatch.C at line 1037.

FOAM aborting

Aborted (core dumped)

I need to know what other changes I need to do along with changing the number of points to properly run the tutorial.

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