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daniel.s December 6, 2020 17:20

cavity.OpenFOAM file empty, what to do?
I've asked this question at
I'm reposting here to draw more attention.

I'm learning OpenFOAM and I'm trying to visualize the mesh for the cavity tutorial. That doesn't work. I think the problem is that the cavity.OpenFOAM is empty.
ParaView doesn't show a mesh when opend with

~$ cd data/pjs/openfoam_testruns/cavity/
~/data/pjs/openfoam_testruns/cavity$ paraFoam

Created temporary 'cavity.OpenFOAM'

ParaView opens, but the Render View area in it is blank. The generated file cavity.OpenFOAM is empty.

I've ran blockMesh before running paraFoam.

AtoHM December 7, 2020 02:37

As the answer says in the other thread - the .foam or .OpenFOAM files are always empty files. Whether you see something there depends on the folders and their content within the case folder. In order to show a mesh, you need mesh files located at constant/polyMesh. Maybe blockMesh failed and didnt write anything?
I see Paraview has highlighted "Apply" button. Maybe you just didn't hit it? You need to hit apply to see something initially.

daniel.s December 7, 2020 19:32

Yes hitting the apply button was what I missed indeed. I need to read the tutorial more carefully. Thank you for directing me there.

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