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sunagra27 May 10, 2021 11:59

TopoSet and setSet is showing different result.
Dear all,

I am creating a mesh(cellSet) from stl file using "surfaceToCell" option.

1. I used topoSet first and it working fine.

2. But on later stage, I needed to used splitMeshRegions.

3. Since for few test cases, splitMeshRegion creates an extra domain which affects my simulation. So, I try to change it to setSet instead of topoSet.

4. But, setSet does not give effective cellSet compared to topoSet. I have attached the code for both and also images obtained from both. How to obtained setSet as that of topoSet cellSet.

5. TopoSet creates 410293 cellSet which is expected. below is the topoSet code.


        name    geometryCellSet;
        type    cellSet;
        action  new;
        source surfaceToCell;
        file            "mesh.stl";
        outsidePoints  ((0.08 0.08 0.03));
        includeCut      false;
        includeInside  true;
        includeOutside  false;
        nearDistance    -0.05;
        curvature      0.9;
        useSurfaceOrientation true;

6. setSet creates only 40994 cellSet. As seen from the image, setSet geometry has holes. Below is the steps from setSet.

Why is that? What is wrong in the code?


a. cellSet geometryCellSet new.
b. cellSet geometryCellSet add surfaceToCell "mesh.stl" ((0.08 0.08 0.03)) false true false -0.05 0.9

Below are the images from topoSet and setSet.

1. TopoSet link:

2. setSet link:

Any leads will be appreciated.

Sunag R A.

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