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gdbaldw October 3, 2007 14:29

Script format was invalidated
Script format was invalidated in the above post. The attached script should work. An example of Blender model and Calculix grid is shown below.



/image{Blender object}

/image{Calculix mesh of SymmetryPlanes}

gdbaldw October 3, 2007 14:45

Try again...first the script
Try again...first the script

Now the images...

Blender object:

Calculix mesh of SymmetryPlanes:

gdbaldw December 12, 2007 05:50

Version 0.2 of script is attac
Version 0.2 of script is attached. Interface panel is shown here:

Description of this grid generation tool is as follows:

This script exports manifolds to Calculix Format (.fbd).


Create a base mesh object, then make a first copy of this object.
After a copy is made vertices of any object may be repositioned, but
vertices, lines, and faces may neither be added nor deleted. Successive
copies should be stretched into ever larger manifolds. This script will create
a 3D Calculix mesh successively from the base mesh to the first copy, then from
the first copy to the second copy, etc.

The Displacement button is useful for stretching the manifolds. This function
displaces the selected vertices of the selected object in the direction
normal to the local surface.

The goal is to displace the vertices of each manifold generally normal to
its preceding mesh, while also reshaping as needed. Graphic plots of
first cell height, aspect ratio, and skew are output to layers 11, 12,
and 13.

Blender Material names of the first and last object will be exported as
Calculix sets for generating patches.

The GUI parameters Target Aspect Ratio and Growth Factor are used for
calculating the hex cell height at the base mesh object, and the ratio
of successive cell heights extending to the outermost manifold. The values
Target Aspect Ratio and Growth Factor are the maximum values for the entire
hex mesh, regardless of any undulations in the manifolds. Aspect Ratio is
calculated to be the square root of the quad surface divided by the first cell
height normal to the quad surface.

Symmetry planes may be toggled on/off and positioned along the X, Y, and
Z axes. If one or more symmetry planes are toggled on, the exported file
will include a set of external surfaces called "symmetry". Symmetry planes
are generally useful only when vertices of the base object and manifolds
lie on the symmetry plane.

Select all objects to be exported, with the outermost object active. Press
the Export button to export, then select the file location and filename.
Press the Exit button to exit the script.

norman1981 October 2, 2008 11:33

Dear Doug Baldwin, I'd real
Dear Doug Baldwin,

I'd really appreciate to try the version 0.2 of your python script that was not attached to your last post... it seems to be what I was looking for in these days!
Thank you very much

Kind Regards


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