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giordy August 30, 2008 05:47

Does someone know how to use S
Does someone know how to use SALOME to manage multiphysiscs?
If i well understood Openfoam connect different meshed regions but the connectd face between two regions should have the same boundary nodes. Is is correct?
If yes, how SALOME can create two meshed objects with the same boundary nodes in one face?
Thanks in advance for any reply.


mavimo August 30, 2008 07:02

Hi Stefano, I think you can
Hi Stefano,
I think you can create mesh into Salomé and using funkySetFields to add different phase into mesh, or create two different regions into Salome and generate mesh for your obj; after mesh creation export cell_gamma value and convert it into OF format (using sed || awk).


giordy September 2, 2008 12:49

Hi Marco. Many thanks for y
Hi Marco.

Many thanks for your fast reply.
I started to use OpenFoam from few weeks and i would like to have a CAD sofwtare to deal with complex geometris. Salomè can import Iges and Step and has many utilities to work on geometry and mesh it. So it is what i need. FunkySetFields can add different phase into mesh but it is hard to use with complex geometries. Isn't ?
About the second possibility that you mention: if i am not wrong OpenFOAM manage multyphisics only if the connected surface has the same node numbers and positions for the two geometries. Hence when i generate two different meshes with Salome i have to assure that.
Let me know your opinion because i am new user both for OpenFoam and Salome and maybe i can be wrong.


mavimo September 5, 2008 07:36

1) yes, but for complex geomet
1) yes, but for complex geometry funkySetField is not very easy to use, but I think is possible, for example, if your model is a U tube and your idea is set gamma = 1 into bottom of tube, you can create a region that include bottom of tube (U region), not require have a function to describe U region. If your geometry is very complex you can use funkySetField more then unoe time to sett gamma for every mesh element.

2) yes, you must build a mesh with Salomé where every point of interface is the same (for mesh 1 and mesh 2), and after remove duplicate vert. Isn't very easy to do, but also not impossible.


PS: if you can write italian plz contact me by mail.

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