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mayank May 29, 2007 06:12

hello all, I tried to conve
hello all,

I tried to convert a Icemcfd mesh by first exporting to fluent mesh then using fluentmeshtofoam utility.
The original mesh consisted of outer wall with an internal solid wall.However when converting the mesh only the outer surface mesh remained.
I have read the documentation and it does not allow such types of conversion.
So can anyone tell alternatives for successful conversion of internal solid wall also.


dmoroian May 29, 2007 06:37

Hi Mayank, Yes, you can split
Hi Mayank,
Yes, you can split the mesh and have two volumes. Check the forum and the wiki for examples on how to do that.... or ask for more help.


mayank May 29, 2007 08:20

Hello Dragos, The geometry
Hello Dragos,

The geometry consists of outer cuboidal wall and internal sprinkler with a cone head.It is a part of bigger reactor.When I converted only outer cuboidal was visible.
I am a beginner in openfoam and would appreciate further help regarding split mesh and any other alternatives.


dmoroian May 30, 2007 02:57

Hi Mayank, I hope this tutori
Hi Mayank,
I hope this tutorial will be helpful for you:
Internal walls
For future topics that you might be interested in, try the "Search" utility on this forum or on the wiki page above, it will be much faster than waiting for an answer.


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