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juanduque August 9, 2006 15:44

Hi there, I'm relatively ne
Hi there,

I'm relatively new to openFoam, and I'm interested in programming applications to solve specific fluid case problematics.

Inside our work team, we've developed a mesher that suits our needs, and rather than writting ASCII text files with different mesh formats (CFX, Netgen neutral, etc...) I want to directly pass the mesh information to the icoFoam solver for example. The applications I've been developing are totally c++ written, so, as I've read, there should be "no problem" ( ;) ) assemblying my source-code with the openFoam solver.

Does anyone knows where I can start looking for any source code-examples-howto? It would be REALLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

mattijs August 10, 2006 04:15

Look at one of the mesh conver
Look at one of the mesh converters. E.g. ccm24ToFoam constructs the fvMesh from points,faces,cells and adds patches (addFvPatches)

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