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majidhojjat March 26, 2009 04:19

2D unstructured mesh

Recently I am modeling a 2D problem using empty patches. Due to complexity of the geometry I can not use the "blockMesh" tool.

Has anybody some experience in importing 2D mesh to OpenFoam?

Previously I have used for 3D geometries, ICEM to produce unstructured mesh and FluentMeshToFoam to import it. That worked perfectly. but in 2D, there should be a single layer of elements in the third direction. I tried extruding a 2D mesh in ICEM, but then it was not possible to assign "part" name to the faces of the extruded mesh (because mesh is not a geometry object). So i had no boundaries (inlet, outlet, etc.) in OpenFoam.


chegdan May 14, 2009 17:09

Just import a 2D mesh into OF

You can just make a 2D mesh in say GAMBIT and export it as such. When importing into OF, the mesh will be changed into a 3D mesh with an empty front and back.

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