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cnsidero April 13, 2009 15:58

Update on poles with OpenFOAM/Pointwise export
We have corrected the export of domains with poles where by Pointwise was previously unable to collapse the hex cells with zero faces (along the pole) into prisms.

I checked it using the mesh that su_junwei posted in the original thread ( checkMesh reports everything ok. Here's the summary:


Mesh stats
    points:          6882
    faces:            12736
    internal faces:  5853
    cells:            3135
    boundary patches: 6
    point zones:      0
    face zones:      0
    cell zones:      0

Number of cells of each type:
    hexahedra:    2914
    prisms:        221
    wedges:        0
    pyramids:      0
    tet wedges:    0
    tetrahedra:    0
    polyhedra:    0

Checking topology...
    Boundary definition OK.
    Point usage OK.
    Upper triangular ordering OK.
    Topological cell zip-up check OK.
    Face vertices OK.
    Face-face connectivity OK.
    Number of regions: 1 (OK).

Checking patch topology for multiply connected surfaces ...
    Patch              Faces    Points    Surface
    back                3135    3552      ok (not multiply connected)
    barrier            362      724      ok (not multiply connected)
    front              3135    3552      ok (not multiply connected)
    inlet              15      31        ok (not multiply connected)
    outlet              15      31        ok (not multiply connected)
    wall                221      444      ok (not multiply connected)

The fix will appear in the next release candidate of Pointwise scheduled to be released on April 22. I would like to test some other pole grids so if you have any to share, please post a reply with the grid.

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