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evrikon April 29, 2009 05:01

Cannot read a Spider mesh into Foam
Hello together,

I tried to read a mesh created with a Mesh Program Spider. Spider writes a meshes in a TGrid 5 format, I can see it using head <meshfile>. Mesh file is in ASCII format. Both fluentMeshToFoam and fluentMesh3DToFoam give me an error during conversion and terminate execution.

Well, I read the meshing into ICEM and ran the grid checks. I see that I have a lot of penetrating elements, elements with false volume orientation and so on. I tried to repair mesh but ICEM was not able to repair the whole set of bad elements.

The mesh is pretty large (17M cells ) so I really need a receipt how to convert it without much effort. If somebody has experience with Spider meshes in OpenFoam and can suggest me a simple way I would be happy.

Can I try an original .cas file from Fluent? From my knowledge it contains a .msh file and additional setup information. Can I run it without any modifications or do I need to delete manually a head part of .cas file?

raghu.tejaswi March 14, 2012 11:13

Hallo Kurenkov,

Do you still use Spider for meshing?? I have just begun using it. I assume your problem is already resovled since it has been more than 2 years!!
I have a doubt, I need to calculate the pressure at any surface in the domain. But I do not want this surface to be a wall and it has no boundary condition attached to it.
While meshing in Spider, is there any way that I create such a surface. Or even better, can I ignore defining a patch in OF? But I do not want OF to assume it as a wall too. I just want a patch on which I can calculate the pre, velocity or any physical variable.


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