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AndTen September 10, 2009 03:20

Problems with starccm mesh
I have a problem when trying to convert a mesh from starccm to OpenFOAM. The conversion script ccm26ToFoam seems to work fine, but the checkMesh utility is really hard on the mesh that starccm has created. Starccm has probably built-in stuff that deals with this, and the solution is probably good enough since bad cells typically appear in tight corners that will not greatly influence the engineering problem I am looking upon.

Now, the general recommendation is obviously to go back to the mesher and do a better job, but this is a bit tricky to do for each and every case when wrapped surfaces are used for the meshing. I have so far not found any general setting in starccm to remove cells so that the checkMesh error reports disappear (except removing VERY many cells...)

The half-dirty, but in my opinion, good enough solution, would be to let checkMesh identify the problems, and then just delete the cells that are nasty. I have understood that the removeCells utility is primarily working on internal faces (and my problems almost always appear on the surface), so this does not work.

So, has anyone here on the forum figured out how to use the checkMesh utility to remove the entire cells that are connected to the erroneous faces? I would appreciate any help on this!

askjak February 23, 2010 05:43

I have experienced that checkMesh is very picky, but that is a good thing. Depending on the output of checkMesh the mesh can sometimes be fine for doing CFD. We use checkMesh to check our ccm+ meshes and often find flaws in our setup (missing feature lines etc.). Please post output from checkMesh.

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