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Lexa October 31, 2009 00:13

basic blockMesh : manipulate the lid-driven cavity flow tutorials
Hi all!
I'm a new user of OpenFoam and have some basic problems with my project using OF 1.6.

referred to the cavity tutorials (lid driven cavity flow), I've added a similar block in the right side, adjacent to the original one. but when I want to see the flow (using paraFoam), the contour is not become one. every block has its own contour plot, but there're similar. so if i want to make 1 contour, what should I do?

any help will be greatly appreciated.. thanks.

gwierink October 31, 2009 06:59

Hi Alex,

Should it be one reservoir of liquid or two? Did you change the wall boundary condition of the right wall of the original cavity case? What is the case you would like to simulate? or is it just a postprocessing issue? Just post your blockMeshDict here so we can have a look what it looks like.



Lexa November 12, 2009 22:15

Mmm.. sorry i think i used wrong solver.. so i post a new thread, in this link :
The problem is still same. The fluid is air..

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