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shanu February 18, 2010 12:56

is free meshing or mapped meshing is best for flow problems

I am trying in flow problems in a rectangular channel where incompressible navier stokes and conduction convection systems I am including.

I am in a confusion to choose mapped or free meshing in future. I did both in the same system but ending with huge different results.

I heard that mapped mesh is preferred than free mesh in any field, is it true?

also in free meshing triangular, tetrahedral and for mapped mesh rectangular, hexagonal meshes are obtaining. which pair is best suited for flow condition and heat transfer equations.

I have validate it with experimental results at the end in order to get good results suggest which type of meshes to prefer.

for me mapped meshes are comfortable than free meshes. because it is orderly arranged and easy for me to do post processing.

Also in free meshing oscillations are created in solutions and not in the case of mapped mesh.

My department colleagues are preffereing free mesh and avoiding mapped mesh because it gives wrong results, is it true?

thanks for you precious help in advance,

V Shanmugam

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