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arkangel May 3, 2010 09:05

accesing points of a cell in a mesh
Dear Foamer,

I hope someone can help me

I have an external solver with a structured grid, I wan to interpolate the values of this grid into a polyMesh .

1) I can create one polyMesh with the information from the structured grid

2) or I can create the polyMesh in a more standard way and just interpolate the values of each grid on each other

I want to create a Chimera Grid like library , I know how to access the Cell center but to have a complete relationship I need to know the coordinates of the cell vertices, more or less like :

forAll(mesh.C(), cellI)

forAll(mesh.cells()[cellI].points(), pointI){
Info << mesh.cells()[cellI].points()[pointI].x()<<endl;


How can I write the inner forAll to get the x,y,z coordinates of all points /vertices in one cell ?


rolandde June 28, 2012 15:43

Did you figure it out? I have the same problem...

Smed October 16, 2012 09:18

Can anyone answer this?
How do you access all of the vertices of a cell?


only returns the coordinates of a single vertex associated with that cell.

Smed October 16, 2012 12:11

This question is answered here:

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