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draufunddran August 5, 2010 06:14

create a complex 2D mesh

i want to create a relative complex 2D mesh for OpenFOAM (still 3D but with one cell in z-direction). I know i can do this with blockMesh, but since my geometry is very complex i am searching for a solution where i can create it a little bit simpler than just hacking all the points and stuff in the blockMeshDict.

Is it possible to make a pseudo 2D mesh with snappyHexMesh?

greetings from Munich, Germany...


nimasam August 5, 2010 08:23

hi friend
look at following website , its a free software for mesh creating :) and work with openFoam and its easy to work

draufunddran August 5, 2010 08:53

hi nimasam,

thank you for your fast answer, i will look at this and hopefully report my success...



draufunddran August 9, 2010 10:11


i have tried some thinks with Discretizer, but i think its not what i'm looking for. I can't make a 2D-mesh of an airfoil.

Some informations on my case:

I need to calculate the drag and lift of different 2D-airfoils with OpenFOAM and i don' have any commercial meshing applications. Are there any other free meshing tools out there?

Thanks for your support...


darioth August 17, 2010 23:55

Dear Draufunddran:

Have you tried with Gmsh? I 'm experimenting a little bit with gmsh trying to calculate the velocity field with potentialFoam with no good results to the NACA0015 airfoil.

My test: inlet = 10m/s, slip conditions and the cp should be near -0.57 so I should obtain velocities over the airfoil 25% over than Uinf.

I can email you my results.


Darío Montes
skype: dariotecnoedu

draufunddran August 20, 2010 13:50

hallo darioth,

i will try it with gmsh on Monday, and i will be happy if you could email your results too me.



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