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reza1982 October 10, 2010 11:33

Extending movingConeTopoFvMesh into 2-D Motion
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Dear all,

I have been trying to extend the movingConeTopFvMesh from the original 1-D to a 2-D motion. It seems that this task is trivial but I cannot get what the mistake is. Basically, adding two more faceZones and updating the meshZonesAndModifiers, and including the motion of the second dimension in the update part of the code should do the job. I really appreciate any hint, heads up, link, or anything that can help me in tackling the problem. I I have attached the changed movingConeTopoFvMesh, log file, and the screen shot of the time at which the motion fails.



reza1982 October 20, 2010 19:46

Hi every body,

I realize that the problem starts at the square lower left corner. Dr. Lucchini also mentioned that movingConeTopoFvMesh may not be suitable for a 2-D extension, at least the way I did it. So, I tried to define 2 addZonesAndModifiers in the code to use them one after another. However, I am not quite sure how to tell OF to delete meshModifers and faceZones (outputs of addMeshAndZoneModifiers) and use the second addZonesAndModifiers I really appreciate if some experts could shed light on.


deepsterblue October 20, 2010 22:12

I'm quite certain that Dr. Lucchini is right. The current machinery in 2D only allows layer addition / removal operations, which is inherently single dimensional. We might be able to get a fix for your problem in 1.6-ext, but you would have to wait a little bit before it's released. For the moment, see if you can get by using mesh motion alone, without topo-changes.

reza1982 October 25, 2010 16:52

Hi Sandeep,

Thanks for the reply. Apparently there is no way of doing this. Do you know if it is possible to call two movingCopeTopos (one for x motion the other one for y motion) within dynamicMeshDict.


kkpal December 8, 2015 03:30

Hi, is this problem solve now?
Is it possible to do adding/removing layers on a curved surface?

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