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dancfd November 18, 2010 23:52

movingCone with sliding boundary
Hello all,

I am conducting a simulation with an oscillating airfoil, and I would like to make the grid points on the outlet of the C-grid move up/down in concert with the trailing edge of the oscillating airfoil, to improve mesh quality. Essentially, I am trying to implement the same feature as the movingCone tutorial, where the points above the cone are stationary relative to the cone during the cone motion. If that was my simulation, it would be as if the cone moved, but the grid points above the cone remained stationary, greatly distorting the mesh.

Thanks in advance,

McCarra December 18, 2010 11:30

Might be for the boundary conditions of the upper part of the domain in 0/cellMotionUx and 0/pointMotionUx. It is "slip".


dancfd December 19, 2010 19:47

Thanks Jose, it worked great!


McCarra December 20, 2010 04:24

Hey Dan!
I'm trying to do the same (in the rotating square), but just the upper and lower boundaries slip. How can I make the left and right boundaries slip also? I think that's what you did in your case and worked!


dancfd December 20, 2010 18:08

Hi Jose,

Are you saying that you applied the same "slip" bc to all four sides but it only worked on two sides? I'm afraid I don't know why that would happen. When I say that it worked for me, I mean that the points are moving in the far field at the boundary, but I still have mesh quality issues with the rotating body at the body boundary. No solution yet, unfortunately.


hhh July 30, 2013 09:29

moving cone problem (pimpleDyMFoam)
Hai Dan,

1.) In moving cone problem (pimpleDyMFoam), Is there any possibility for continuous translation motion? (ie) left to right

2.) Is there any mathematical equation for that? How I can Proceed, kindly guide me

dancfd July 30, 2013 22:05

Hello Kumar,

Unfortunately I was not able to make this work. Good luck, though.


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