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vaina74 November 30, 2010 13:52

Anyone using GiD? How it works? Does exist a mesh output for OpenFOAM?

andrea December 1, 2010 05:30

I'm using GiD to mesh OpenFoam cases. I export the mesh in .unv file, then you can use the mesh conversion tool ideasUnvToFoam.
Take care of these things:
1- properly assign the orientation of the surfaces, the normals must be pointing out of the volume.
2- properly assign the each boundary to a layer, i.e. name each surface with the name of your patch, and use a different layer for the volume mesh
3- find a way to get rid of the volume layer before importing the mesh, I'm not able to do it directly in GiD right now, I'm doing it in Salome
Maybe someone out there have an hint on this!

Hope it helps!

vaina74 December 1, 2010 09:35

Thanks for your reply, Andrea. I'll try that too.
GiD productor answered:

we have not developed any specific GiD-OpenFOAM problemtype to export all GiD data to OpenFOAM. If do you want only the mesh, I think that it must be very simple to write a simple template to export it in this format (I don't know this format).
Did anyone do that? Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks for your help.

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