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lentschi March 14, 2011 05:13

CellZones (with cgnsToFoam) for MRFSimpleFoam?

I converted my mesh, which consists of 5 disconneted regions (Drfatube,Runner,SpiralCasing,NosePart,GuideVanes) to foam by cgnsToFoam.
Because I want to use MRFSimpleFoam, I need a CellZone which descirbes my rotaing domain (Runner), but cgnsToFoamcell does not extract cellZones.

Does anyone know, how I get CellZones of my Runner (must be a separate region) with cgnsToFoam or afterwards with some commands??

Thanks in advance.

Regards Markus

gwierink March 15, 2011 02:19

I never used cgnsToFoam, but for other mesh converters there is an option -writeZones, which will (obviously) write your zones. Also, you might want to use the -writeSets and -scale options (-scale is to convert from e.g. mm to m, in that case do "-scale 0.001").

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