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Tobi June 2, 2011 16:55

internalFaces to patches ?? faceZones
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Hi all together,

in the picture you can see the geometry (created with salome).
The colored faces are internalFaces

Green: wanna get it as a wall
lightblue: wanna get it as fan

I convert it to UNV and with IdeasToFoam Mesh_1 i got my OF mesh. I get my boundarys for the external faces "wall and frontAndBack"...


Of 18692 so-called boundary faces 976 belong to two cells and are therefore internal
Sorting boundary faces according to group (patch)
0: fan is faceZone
1: internalWall is faceZone
2: wall is patch
3: frontAndBack is patch

Constructing mesh with non-default patches of size:
    wall    1212
    frontAndBack    16504

Adding cell and face zones
 Face Zone internalWall    616
 Face Zone fan    360


I got the other two faces into the faceZone (polyMesh/)

So now the question, how can i create a patch onto those internalFaces ? :/
Never done this befor and i don 't know how to do this.

So if its not clear i wanna have: (short)

--> in the boundary file i would have the entrys


Now my boundary file looks like

        type            patch;
        nFaces          1212;
        startFace      63116;
        type            patch;
        nFaces          16504;
        startFace      64328;

So is there a tool which i can make the FaceZones (internalWall and fan) to boundarys?

Hope everything is clear.
Tobi :/

hfs July 3, 2013 09:26

Try createBaffles

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