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jordi.muela June 23, 2011 02:55

Question about DynamicMeshDict

Only a question about DynamicMeshDict. I'm working on several models in which I am imposing the movement of a boundary using:

dynamicFvMesh dynamicMotionSolverFvMesh;

and a field pointDisplacement in which I'm defining the position of the boundary using timeVaryingUniformFixedValue, and it works fine for my purpose.

I'm working with multiphase models, and i'm also interested in use the dynamicFvMesh option dynamicRefineFvMesh which tracks and refines the free surface, so the question is, is possible use both dynamicFvMesh utilites together?

I'm pretty sure that the answer is no, unless I develop the specific tool... but well, never know!

Thanks all!

Best regards,


e_boesso April 24, 2012 11:46

hi jordi,

I'm now in your same situation... there are some novelty about this argument?


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