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s195404 August 28, 2011 07:26

Anyone use Rhino3D for creating their geometry
Dear users,

There seems to be a great variety of tools for creating the geometry for OpenFOAM, both free (e.g. Salome) and commercial (e.g. CATIA). I've spotted a few of the latter type, Rhino 3D among them, that seem to be well polished and yet quite affordable.

I wonder if any readers have used Rhino 3D to create geometry for OpenFOAM. If so, do you have any tips? If not, what have you used? Learning and using such software is a time-intensive task, and one I'd like to investigate before embarking.

I'm looking for reasonably priced software to do pre-processing for OpenFOAM. My application is flow and pollutant dispersion around a building.

Thanks in advance for your advice.


Andrew Ward

elvis November 4, 2011 13:17


You say your application is flow and pollutant dispersion around a building. =>Guidebook for Practical Applications of CFD
to Pedestrian Wind Environment around Buildings

s195404 November 4, 2011 15:56

Dear elvis,

Thanks so much for these links - they're extremely helpful. I appreciate you taking the time to send these to me (and to the other list readers)!


Andrew Ward

daveatstyacht December 13, 2011 21:45

I use Rhino as my primary tool for geometry generation for OpenFOAM (and other CFD solvers) for ship hull forms. The NURBS capabilities are ideally suited for that. In your case, buildings tend not to require NURB modeling so it might be overkill for you. That being said, it does have some nice features for cleaning up dirty stl files too if you know where to look in all of the menu bars.


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