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cfddwarf November 20, 2011 14:06

StichMeshes (Gambit mesh)
Hello everyone,
Iam a Cfd newbie and would appreciate any help. Ive tried the search functions, but Iam still not sure how to solve my problem.
I created a geometry in Gambit. It consist of 4 volumes. I meshed them seperatly.
I then converted my mesh with "fluent3DmeshtoFoam". It worked well.
However I now see that the interfaces between the volumes are set to "wall". I understand my next step is to "stitch" the Meshes.

What is the correct commando?
stitchMesh ./ casename interface1name interface2name

My question is now how do I find the names of my interfaces?? They faces have names in Gambit, like face_3... am I to use those?
As far as Ive understood, there are problems stitching more than one mesh to each other. Have those problems been solved? Am I able to stich faces of different size? For example the interfaces between a small cube and a large cube?

zhaowei November 21, 2011 05:57

i downloaded a demo for that before, but the link is not working now. leave your mail box if u r interested. there is still some problem in the demo. it can run, but there r some problem when the post-process. i think it should be some problem in the patch operation.

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