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be_inspired January 23, 2012 14:21

Convert a interior face into a wall
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I hope anyone can help me.

What I want is to convert some internal faces into patches. In the attached picture, the mesh is surrounded by a inlet, outlet, up and down. The down side is a wall. Now, I want to convert the selected internal faces ( the original mesh is 2D) into a wall. This is a sketch of a more difficult problem. The point is that in this way, I can select a wall condition at any position of the original mesh between inlet and outlet.

I have tried
1.- create a set with Toposet,
2.- then use SetsToZones - noFlipMap to create the faceZones
3.- Modify boundary file and 0/files, then, createBaffles with the command:
> createBaffles tab pared

tab is the name of the set and of the faceZone. pared is the name of the patch added to the boundary file

What I obtain is:

Create time

Create mesh for time = 0

Converting faces on zone "tab" into baffles.

Found 9 faces on zone "tab"

incorrect first token, expected <label> or '(' or '{', found on line 0 the word 'pared'

file: IStringStream.sourceFile at line 0.

From function operator>>(Istream&, FixedList<T, Size>&)
in file /share/apps/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-2.1.0/src/OpenFOAM/lnInclude/FixedListIO.C at line 71.

FOAM exiting


Thank you very much

Best Regards

Toorop January 24, 2012 05:41


you can find my workaround here.
Good luck!

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