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Attesz March 2, 2012 15:59

startFace problem using stitchMesh
Hi all,

I have a domain with 3 regions. I created the mesh in ICEM CFD and exported to fluent .msh format in three different parts. After that I converted the three parts using fluent3DMeshToFoam. Then I merged the meshes using mergeMeshes. This was because I want to use the AMI option and I want to have two interfaces.

Now I want to stitch this mesh to get rid of the interface to use MRFSimpleFoam. If I start the stichMesh -perfect command, I'm getting the following error:


Problem : Patch IN starts at 33871512
Current face counter at 33701764
Are patches in incremental order?

    From function polyTopoChange::polyTopoChange(const polyMesh& mesh, const bool strict)
    in file polyTopoChange/polyTopoChange/polyTopoChange.C at line 2459.

FOAM aborting

the patch "IN" is the inlet boundary, so firstly I don't understand why the utility is dealing with it since I want to merge the interfaces what is obviously not the IN patch. On the other hand, if I modify the startFace number of IN to the displayed value, then comes the next patch and gives the same error. Since I have 45 faces it's not a great fun to modify all of it by hand, so do you know what/where is the problem in my process? Why did these number change?


liping_he April 9, 2012 23:20

Hi Attila

I also want use the AMI boundary, and I have the same question as you met. did you solve it. I wish you can give me a detailed process about how to create mesh. Thanks very much in advance for your advice.



Attesz April 12, 2012 08:15

Hi, the process depends on your meshing software. But as I wrote, create the mesh for your domain separately, and merge the mesh using mergeMeshes. You can also find sites about it, use google.
Concerning the counting problem, as I see it's just a warning and we can ignore it. It's the result of the merging step.

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